Monday, November 12, 2012

Weather or not...

I have to comment on the ridiculous weather that Minnesota has had over the past 48 hours.  When I let Suzy Q out on Saturday night before bed, it was 65 degrees out.  Unseasonably warm, to say the least.  By the time we woke up and were ready to run our 5K on Sunday morning, it was 34 degrees and raining.  Awesome.  Meanwhile, on the south side of town, the arrival of the cold front brought rare November tornadoes.

Never too cold to hang loose.  Though this IS just lap 1 of 2 around the lake :)

This morning we woke up to a yard covered with snow.  What?  From almost 70 to snow in 48 hours.  To make matters worse, I managed to hit a whiteout snow squall this morning on the way to work.  Way to early in the season to be dealing with such things!  I'm just hoping and praying after our super great mild winter last year, we don't see another winter like 2010-2011.

In case anyone forgot what that winter looked like...this was the day after we got 17"

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