Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Angels among us

This story begins with a picture posted on Facebook.  A picture of a black grey muzzle dog who found herself in animal control through no fault of her own.  I am nothing if not a sucker for seniors.  And this happened the week we said goodbye to Juarez.  So there was no way I was going to see this senior dog live out her life in a kennel.  We were not ready to get another dog so soon, but I was fully prepared to do so if no rescue stepped up to take this lovely old lady in.

Enter Kim.  Kim is my coworker, and lucky for me, also has a soft spot for seniors.  She also happens to be an approved dog foster for Pet Project Rescue with no current foster at the time.  All she needed was a dog sitter over Thanksgiving and she'd be able to foster.  Deal!  How could I say no?

Meanwhile, we found out that the Lovey, our grey muzzled girl, had a male companion named Charlie she was bonded to that would have also come in to animal control at the same time.  It was also likely that both dogs had cancer.  After getting the go ahead from PPR, Kim agreed to head to animal control to pull Lovey and try to find out about Charlie, and if possible, pull him too.  As it turns out, both Lovey and Charlie were on hold at animal control as someone else had said they would take them.  Kim left her name in case things fell through...and a few days later, they did.  So Kim heading down to animal control (again) and pulled Charlie and Lovey.
Charlie (top) and Lovey (bottom).  Photo by Kim.
Kim pulled these dogs knowing full well that they will likely live out their lives with her, however long that might be.  I think that takes an extremely special person, and I am so grateful that she did this.  It doesn't matter how long a dog is with you,  it will still be painful to say goodbye when the time comes.

Unfortunately for Charlie, that day came today.  As it turns out, Charlie did indeed have cancer.  Lots of cancer.  All of his lymph nodes were swollen.  The cancer started giving him seizures, and today it got worse.  The vet also said he had a very bad heart murmur.  Needless to say, it was time to say goodbye.  I am so thankful that Charlie passed away with Kim by his side, showering him with love, instead of at animal control.  I am also thankful he got to be reunited with his Lovey again, even for just a few days.

So tonight, say a prayer for Charlie that he has safe passage over the Bridge.  Send prayers and thoughts to Lovey as she will surely be missing her companion.  And finally give thanks for people like Kim, who willingly gave a piece of her heart away for a little dog she barely knew.
Sweet Charlie.  Photo by Kim.

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