Friday, November 9, 2012

Epistemic closure

Only 8 days in and I already failed...completely missed yesterday's blog post.  I had all good intentions to write it, but then I promptly fell asleep.  Whoops.

Tonight's post is unfortunately political, which I apologize for in advance.  But this is something that's been gnawing at my brain that I just have to ask Romney supporters.  I mentioned here that there are two major political agenda items that are important to me: GLBT rights and the environment.  Which is why I never really paid too much attention to the whole fiscal crisis that so many people seemed to focus on.  To be honest, part of that is because I'm not sure how it personally affects me.  I grew up middle class with two blue collar parents, but never wanted for anything.  My mom still is blue collar, yet has a nice house and can afford things like vacations.  Steve currently works part time in a brewery because he has had a hard time getting a teaching job--but I don't blame that on the economy.  The education system really isn't driven by how many new jobs are created in the auto industry (for example).  He works in public education--that tends to be a completely separate political agenda item from the economy.

What I am trying to say is that we are also a middle class family.  But we bought this house based on one salary, which means anything Steve makes is a bonus.  We don't live extravagant lives, but we aren't left wanting.  We have cable, internet, cell phones, a CSA share.  A myriad of things we could easily give up if we couldn't afford them--but we can.  We also still give money to charity and enjoy paying for people when we go out to places.  I realize we don't have kids, but we do have pets.  And believe me, they get nothing but the best as well.  Do I notice the increase at the pump?  Yes, but not to the point where I cannot fill my car up.  I have never said "well I can't go there because I don't have any gas."  Again, I need my car to travel.  If the price of gas became too much, one of the excesses early talked about would have to go.

So my question is, to everyone who thinks the United States is going to hell in a hand basket with Obama because of the economy, please enlighten me: how is it directly affecting you?  Did you live better in the Bush era?  I certainly don't recall doing so.  I haven't felt much of a change.  Is it because I don't have a ton invested in stocks?  I really want to know.  People are so enraged and impassioned by this one singular thing, and I just don't see it.  I see so many more things to worry about.  I'm not being sarcastic  I really want to know.  What am I missing?

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